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Congestion Pricing/Tolling is coming first to the Portland Metro area and eventually will be expanded across the state. We are working to organize and empower citizens to have a voice – a vote – on all tolling decisions!


The No Toll Army exists to give Oregon voters direct input on state and local tolling decisions.

About Us

No Toll Army is a grassroots citizen-driven non-partisian effort focused on giving the citizens direct input into tolling decisions. We are not opposed to all tolls, but do want citizens to have direct input when new tolls are proposed.


We believe …

  • Oregonians deserve to have a say at the ballot box before they are tolled to use existing highways.*
  • It is essential that Oregon have high quality and efficient roads to serve the diverse needs of its people and businesses.  
  • Automobiles, trucks, bikes, and public transit serve different, but co-existing needs.
  • The current Oregon Tolling Proposals are in-equitable and place a disproportionate burden on segments of citizenry and businesses.
  • The proposed “Congestion Pricing/Tolling” is not a solution to solving bottlenecks on our roads, highways and bridges.  
  • We do not oppose traditional tolling that pays for new vehicle capacity, but we believe the citizens should have a direct say in these decisions.
  • Oregonians want to be environmentally responsible and question Congestion Pricing/Tolling as the best solution.

* We acknowledge that tolling that adds capacity is legal by federal statute.