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The No Toll Army exists to give Oregon voters direct input on state and local tolling decisions.

Congestion Tolling on the I-205 Corridor (near West Linn/Oregon City) and on I-5 (near the Rose Quarter) is being considered as a result of Oregon Legislation HB 2017 where tolling was identified to help fund selected Transportation needs and projects. We (the No Toll Army) are working to organize and empower citizens to have a voice and a vote, on these and future tolling decisions!

About Us

No Toll Army is a grassroots citizen-driven non-partisian statewide effort.


  • Legislation calling for a public vote on highway tolls before they go into effect
  • ODOT transparency on their decision processes, toll amounts, use of funds, and plans for sunsetting of tolls
  • An open discussion as to how tolls fit into ODOT’s short- and long-term funding strategy for local and state-wide projects


  • Highway tolls are a new form of taxation in Oregon
  • Automobiles, trucks, bicycles, public transit, and sidewalks serve different, but co-existing transportation needs.
  • The current Oregon Tolling Proposal
    • Is not equitable and places a disproportionate financial and traffic burden on segments of citizenry and businesses
    • Is a gateway to expanded and permanent tolling across the Portland tri-county region … and the rest of the state