We listened and have improved the Tolling Petition

After many conversations and public feedback over the past two weeks, we’ve modified the initiative petition to be broader, simpler, and more clear to cover all tolling statewide – not just ODOT’s current I-205 and I-5 tolling plan.

But we need your help. To schedule a review by the Oregon State Legislative Counsel (the folks who write our laws full time) in preparation for formal filing, we need 50 citizens to formally support our request.

update … SUCCESS – we received over 50- responses and have submitted the petition for review. We will keep you posted on our progress.


17 thoughts on “We listened and have improved the Tolling Petition”

  1. I support citizen votes for all tolls and fee/tax increases. Tolling proposed for I 205 includes funding additional lanes, yet nearly every study conducted on this issue proves that adding lanes does nothing to relieve congestion. In fact, in some cases, it makes it worse. Tolling, especially for lane additions, is not the answer for our highway improvements.

    1. Please be sure to click the link in the post above. We have to attach your email responses to our submission to the OR state Legislative Counsel. They aren’t looking at responses here.

  2. I strongly oppose any and all tolling of roads within the state of Oregon. The citizens do not need the addition financial hardship to pay fees any roads, freeways, highways that have and are being maintain with the aid of Oregonians’ tax dollars.

  3. With many of our state’s citizens struggling financially, a fragile economy, and an economic recovery which has no end is sight…. NOW is not the time tax those using our county, state, and federal roads that use them to commute to and from work.

    Tolling will NOT solve the issues at hand, but only line the coffers of the State for other projects which cannot be funded otherwise.

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