We will resume gathering signatures in October

The IP-4 Triathlon Continues …

Leg 1 ... started last April as we gathered 2,000 sponsorship signatures to formalize IP-4’s status with the state.

Leg 2 … starts in mid-October when we resume gathering the 200,000 signatures necessary to get IP-4 on the 2024 ballot.

The final leg … will be the summer of 2024 when we focus on getting people to vote for the right to Vote Before Tolls on the 2024 ballot.

Great news! There were no objectors to the IP-4 Ballot Title during the Attorney General’s recent review. IP-4 had been tied up in the Oregon Supreme Court for almost 12 weeks last winter as part of its predecessor’s (IP-41) efforts – and BTW, we stood up to the Supreme Court appeals with flying colors – and did not need to make any changes!

Our certified signature sheets should be available mid-October.

NOW is the time to regather and refocus our efforts. We need each of you to think about where you can help…

  • Is it gathering 10, 20, or 100 signatures?
  • Is it organizing and coordinating the efforts in your city?
  • Volunteer or attend events across the state?
  • Writing your newspapers?
  • Donating (and getting $100 back as a tax credit?)
  • Donating your social media expertise/energies?
  • Donating one or two hours a week to administrative & operational support?

Imagine, if we have 5,000 active supporters gathering 10-50 signatures each, we can get the job done in no time!


In the meantime – your donations are critical to helping us prepare our awareness and signature gathering campaigns … you can get up to $100 of your donation back. More here: https://votebeforetolls.org/donations


Three Things to Do …

1) Think about how you can help

2) Contribute to our efforts … click here

3) Please keep sharing and asking your friends & family to complete the survey at: https://VoteBeforeTolls.org/survey


Yard signs

We are rebranding to emphasize Vote Before Tolls.  IP-4 does not automatically stop tolls – however, it DOES give you the right to vote for or against tolls!  No Toll Army will remain the branding for our grass roots supporter’s efforts.

Click here to purchase a sign to increase the “vote before tolls” awareness!

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