Sponsorship Signature Gathering is Ending

2,000 is the maximum number of signatures we can submit in this phase.  We have just a couple hundred to go.   Whatever you have in hand – please mail them to us ASAP – PO Box 218, West Linn OR 97068.

After the Attorney General and Supreme Court authorize our Ballot Title, hopefully by early fall, we will resume gathering the 200,000 signatures we need to get on the 2024 ballot – remember IP-4 is retroactive so it will still affect the I-205, I-5, I-5 bridge, and all other new tolls.  

We’ll share more about the process and what we will be doing over the summer in a forthcoming update.

Three Things to Do …

1) Gather those last signatures and return them

  • Mail to Vote Before Tolls, PO Box 218, West Linn OR 97068 

2) Contribute to our efforts … click here

3) Please keep sharing and asking your friends & family to complete the survey at: https://VoteBeforeTolls.org/survey


Yard signs

Click here to purchase a sign to increase the “vote before tolls” awareness!

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