Mail petitions today!

Today is the day to drop your sponsorship petition sheets into the mail so they can be part of our submission to the Elections Division later this week. Partial sheets are acceptable – be sure to sign as Circulator at the bottom.

We achieved our 1,500 target and are allowed to submit up to 2,000 signatures. THANK YOU!


Please mail to: 

    No Toll Army
    PO Box 848
    Gladstone OR 97027-2700 

The Elections Divison will verify the signatures, the Attorney General will assign us a ballot title … and then we need to gather 200,000 more signatures to make it to the ballot. We expect approval to start that effort in early February.
Please keep sharing and asking your friends & family to complete the survey at: https://NoToll.Army/survey

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Click here to purchase a sign to increase the “vote before tolls” awareness!

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